Frequently Asked Questions - Corporate Membership
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Q If I already have an ACMP individual membership, can I convert to my company’s new Corporate Membership Package?
 A  ACMP Memberships are renewable within 90 days of expiration. If your individual membership is within 90 days of its expiration, then YES, you may convert your current individual membership to a Corporate Membership Package. If you are not within 90 days of expiration or if you have recently renewed your individual membership, you cannot covert to the corporate membership package.

 Can I get a refund for my individual membership so that I can join my company’s corporate membership package?
 You can join your company’s corporate membership package when your membership is within 90 days of expiration. If you choose to convert your membership prior to that you may do so but a full or partial refund will not be issued for the unused months of your individual membership. If you choose to participate in the corporate membership program and your renewal date is outside of the 90 day expiration window, ACMP will not refund or prorate membership fees.

 What will happen to my renewal date if my individual membership is eligible to convert to the Corporate Membership Package?
 Your expiration date will be changed to one year from the date the Corporate Membership Package is purchased.

 Can the memberships be offered in groups other than 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25?
 No, Corporate Membership Packages are only offered in groups of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25. You may purchase a Corporate Membership Package that exceeds the number of individuals you have and the additional "seats” can be given out at a later date. For instance if you have a group of 17 people that will be part of a Corporate Membership Package, you can purchase the Platinum Corporate Membership Package which has 20 "seats.” You will be paying for 16 "seats” and will be able to offer the other three available "seats” to other employees at a later date.
 Q  If someone leaves the company can their "seat” on the Corporate Membership package be transferred to another employee?
 A Yes. The individual from your organization that has been assigned account access will be able to edit the profile of each person on the Corporate Membership Package. The new member of the Corporate Membership Package will be able to change the profile of the person who left the company to reflect their information. They will now be a part of the Corporate Membership Package for that company.

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