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Friday, September 15, 2017  
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How to Obtain Your CCMP

We are getting close to certifying the First 500 Certified Change Management Professionals™ (CCMP™)! For those of you who are already certified, you can skip to the section “How to Maintain Your CCMP” for opportunities to continue your professional development. For those of you are not yet certified, read below for the ways in which ACMP can help you on your journey to becoming certified.

To solidify your role as an industry leader in change management, first and foremost, you will need to align yourself to the internationally-recognized Standard for Change Management®. This is the first legally defensible, globally accepted Standard that is method-neutral and is the basis for the CCMP program. If you have not read it, you can download it here. You will also have to complete your application to determine your eligibility before taking the CCMP exam at any one of our global exam centers. See below for three ways in ways in which ACMP can help you become one of the First 500.

Education: Enroll in a QEP Course

Our Qualified Education Provider™ Program is a registry of courses that are aligned to internationally recognized The Standard for Change Management® and adult education best practices. If there is not a course offered in a physical location near you, you can enroll in one of the online offerings from wherever you may be. If you are looking to become certified, this is the easiest way to fulfill the 21-hour training requirement.

Application: Attend a CCMP Coaching Call

Every month, we host coaching calls to answer questions about the CCMP application process. Our next call is scheduled for September 19th – you can register by visiting the events section of the ACMP website. As a reminder, the CCMP application is comprised of 6 sections: personal information, experience summary, change management training record, change management experience essay questions and the statement of understanding. Once you have completed the application, it will be assessed by a team of reviewers to ensure all eligibility requirements are met. If your application meets all requirements, you will be notified and sent a link to process the application fee and schedule your exam.

Exam: Prepare for the CCMP Exam

The next exam window will open on October 7th. Once your application is approved, you may schedule to take the exam from nearly anywhere in the world at any time at one of these exam centers.

To prepare for the exam, download The Standard for Change Management®, study these flash cards and review the ACMP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

How to Maintain Your CCMP

However, as you know, your commitment doesn’t stop at the certification. The CCMP Program is designed to be an ongoing commitment and has a requirement of 60 professional development units (PDUs) every three years to maintain the certification. ACMP has a number of opportunities to help you earn PDUs in two of the three areas required: “Education” and “Giving Back to the Profession.” The third area, “Working as a Change Management Practitioner” is entirely up to you!

Regional Conferences

Are you attending our Regional Conferences in Canada, USA, and/or Europe? If so, you can earn PDUs! We have amazing presenters and keynote speakers lined up for each of these conferences – be sure to check the new ACMP Conference website for detailed program information. Attendance at conference sessions fall under the “Education” category.

Monthly Webinars

ACMP is now offering TWO webinars a month to broaden options for the wide range of topics and experience levels our practitioners have. Check out our website for the full listing of upcoming webinars; if you are unable to attend on the scheduled date, members can also view recordings of webinars in the updated Resource Library on the ACMP website. Each webinar counts for 1 PDU in the “Education” category.


Upcoming Webinars:

  • Sept. 19: Jennifer Witter & Marcia Strom – “The Times They Are A Changin’– Lifts and Shifts to Optimize Your Multigenerational Workforce.” Skill level: Beginner. Register here.
  • Sept. 28: Robby Riggs – “Leading Change in the Chaotic, 4-Generation Workplace (It's Not Your Millennials Fault!)” Skill level: Intermediate. Register here.
  • Oct. 10: Carla Howard - “Ditch Digital and Add FUN into your Communication Strategy!” Skill Level: Beginner. Register here.

Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) Courses

One of the foundational elements ACMP has established for the profession is the Qualified Education Provider Registry – a catalogue of courses that adhere to adult education best practices and align to The Standard for Change Management®. Many of you enrolled in a QEP to fulfill the education requirement for the CCMP; you can also take courses in the registry to count toward the ongoing education requirement. The QEP Registry is growing so be sure to check back often. Also, if you are aware of other courses that may fulfill this requirement, please let us know as we are continuously trying to expand the network of courses featured in the registry.

Volunteer Opportunities

The ACMP Call for Volunteers will be open October 2-31! ACMP has an active community of volunteers who support the organization and the profession in a wide range of roles. Check out ACMP’s Volunteer Central for more information about ways you can contribute your time and skills to leading the way change works. By being an active contributor to one of the volunteer committees, you can earn PDUs toward the “Giving Back to the Profession” category.

Speaking and Presentation Opportunities

ACMP has many opportunities for you to share your knowledge and apply your skills by creating change management-related content. The Call for White Papers is open now until October 16th; the winning white paper will be featured at Change Management 2018 in Las Vegas next March. Also, the Call for Speakers for Regional Conferences is open until December 31st. If selected for either the white paper presentation or to speak at a regional conference, you can earn PDUs for the “Giving Back to the Profession” category.

Susan Faulkner

Upcoming Events

Members-Only Webinars

The Times They Are A Changin’ – Lifts and Shifts to Optimize Your Multigenerational Workforce
Jennifer Witter & Marcia Strom
September 19 12:00PM - 1:00PM EST

Leading Change in the Chaotic, 4-Generation Workplace (It's Not Your Millennials Fault!)
Robby Riggs
September 28 12:00PM - 1:00PM EST

Ditch Digital and Add FUN into your Communication Strategy!
Carla Howard
October 10 12:00PM - 1:00PM EST

CCMP Coaching Calls
September 19 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EST
October 10 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EST
October 26 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST

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