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Last Chance to Become Certified before Conference!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017  
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Become CCMP™ Certified Before Change Management 2017

Be sure to finish your Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) application and take the exam by April 30th so you can be recognized at our annual conference as part of the First 500! We will celebrate your accomplishment in New Orleans and provide opportunities to connect with fellow grads. To complete the application, review the ACMP Standard for Change Management®, download our exam study guide and flash cards, and join our upcoming coaching calls on April 13th or 25th. If you have any questions about the CCMP application or the exam itself, please contact the CCMP Certification Manager.


Attend our Upcoming Webinar to Earn PDUs

Join us on April 27th to learn how to apply change communication techniques in an agile transformation context. Katy Saulpaugh will help us understand how to explain agile principles to people outside of IT in her webinar “Let’s Talk About Agile.” Katy will also share a host of do's and don'ts from previous experience around the medium, positioning, frequency and source of communications. Remember, attending webinars will count towards PDUs to maintain your CCMP!


Join the Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) Registry to Expand Your Reach

If you are a training organization that provides valuable change management training, you should become a QEP before Change Management 2017. Being listed in the QEP Registry boosts your organization’s credibility and gives you access to practitioners around the world. As a QEP, you can also host a workshop at one of our global or regional conferences. ACMP encourages all of its members and CCMP applicants to select a QEP to fulfill the training requirement – check out the growing list of QEPs today!


Showcase your CCMP in the ACMP Practitioner Directory

The ACMP Practitioner Directory is another great opportunity to increase your credibility by affirming your commitment to the change management community. Members and non-members can purchase a listing in the directory, however members receive a discount! If you are not currently a member, join today to receive your discount. When you join the Practitioner Directory, don’t forget to add CCMP to your listing once you become certified! At Change Management 2017, ACMP will highlight individuals who are listed in the Practitioner Directory so get on the list today to increase your visibility!


Recruit CCMPs by Posting Job Openings on ACMP Career Center

The ACMP Career Center is a free resource for members and non-members to search for job openings in the field. As an added bonus, if you post a job opening before Change Management 2017, your organization’s name will be listed at ACMP Central and be viewed by the more than 1,100 conference attendees!


Reminder: ACMP is Offering a Corporate Discount for the CCMP

Starting with corporate groups of at least 5, both members and non-members can receive reduced application fees for the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) application. We offer flexible invoicing options as well as an individualized program that enables each team member to move through the CCMP process at their own pace. This offer has been extended through May 31, 2017, so don’t wait!

There are many benefits to your business having their change management team certified, including:

  • Provides your organization with a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining change management specialists;
  • Boosts internal and market-facing credibility;
  • Provides professional recognition for your change management team;
  • Enables your practitioners to adopt and use The ACMP Standard for Change Management®; and,
  • Contributes to the effectiveness and consistency of your organization’s change practices.

Interested in getting your team certified? Click here.


CCMP Graduate Spotlight

Our graduates are leading the way change works and want to inspire you to join them! We reached out to our CCMP graduates for their CCMP story – This month’s featured graduate is Rebecca Ellis, Director of Organization Transformation Change at Allegion, PLC.

Here's more from Rebecca:

Why did you decide to pursue the CCMP?

Certifications seem to be gaining increased popularity in the IT, HR and Project Management space, so this seemed like a way to stay competitive in the market. I also liked that this certification had more "meat" to it - going way beyond attending a training session - by requiring evidence of experience and expertise.

Tell us your CCMP story. How has earning the CCMP benefited you personally and professionally?

I have a Ph.D. in Organization Development and my dissertation was on cognition in change. I have also practiced as an internal and external change strategist for the last 6 years. I honestly wasn't sure the CCMP was "necessary", however as I was recruited for my current role, the CHRO and HR VP both specifically cited the certification as something they found attractive.



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