With so many outstanding reasons to attend Change Management 2014 it was hard to narrow it down. However, we thought we’d share with you our Top 5 List so that you can share it with your boss, colleagues and friends that want to know why you will be participating and why THEY should participate as well:

5. Expand your Circle of Influence! ACMP Change Management 2014 conference offers you the opportunity to network and connect with change management professionals to test your ideas, hone your ability to communicate, expand your circle of professional colleagues and peers, and have a lot of fun while doing it.

4. Education is Key! Expand your knowledge with 43 sessions of captivating, topical, timely education on change management challenges and techniques. Find ways to deal with the challenges you encounter daily and increase your professional development all in one setting!

3. The Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP®) Makes its Debut! You’ve waited and ACMP is delivering. Be among the first to apply for the Certified Change Management Professional certification (CCMP®). Details will be unveiled at the conference and provide you an opportunity to ask questions and get involved in shaping the profession!

2. Participate in a Discussion on the Future of Change Management. Join in the general session panel with change management thought-leaders:
  • Daryl Conner, strategic visionary, author and founder of Conner Partners;
  • Dean Anderson, author and CEO of Being First, Inc.
  • Luc Galoppin, Belgium-based practitioner and founder of 40,000+ LinkedIn community Organizational Change Practitioners.

While they tackle the topic "What Does the Future of Change Management Hold” in a moderated discussion, with a World Café exercise immediately following.

1. Transform Your Company and Yourself to Better Compete, Innovate and Succeed with Keynote Bill Taylor. Speaker, Author of Practically Radical and Co-Founding Editor of Fast Company, Bill Taylor is excited to speak with you. He will speak twice and the second time he will be bring CEO Gerard van Grinsven to give you a first-hand discussion with a CEO who has succeeded in incorporating significant change within his organization. Listen to Bill Taylor explain first-hand why he wants you at Change Management 2014.

Participate in the Conference that brings change forward. Attend Change Management 2014, March 30 – April 2, 2014 and celebrate the advancement of the discipline.