Manage Change, Maximize Performance. Prosci's world-leading change management research with over 3,400 international organizations provides the foundation for a methodology, tools, and training programs used worldwide to successfully manage the people side of change. Our unique knowledge transfer model and integrated approach (featuring the Prosci(r) ADKAR(r) Model and 3-Phase Process) gives organizations the power to change more easily, more effectively and with better results. Join the 20,000+ professionals who are Prosci Certified by visiting us at .
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XPLANE is a new breed of business consultancy, blending change management with communications and visual design. To work our magic, a team of diverse disciplines applies visual thinking, storytelling, and collaborative people-centered design to clarify complexity, engage people, and inspire action. This unique approach enables businesses to align around strategy, improve processes, accelerate adoption, and realize better performance and results.
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Achieve breakthrough business results while simultaneously transforming your culture, leaders and workforce, AND developing world-class internal change capability. Sound impossible? Not with this integrated system of consulting, training and development, coaching, and change methodology. For thirty-five years, Being First has been supporting visionary executives and change consultants with our System of Conscious Transformation, blending deep personal change with the most robust change process methodology on the planet. Not a believer? Check us out:
Being First, Inc.
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WE ARE FUTURE STATE: Passionate problem solvers who understand people and change and how to put them to work for your company. We bring strategy and compassion to solving complex business solutions. We drive execution and deliver results. FUTURE STATE: CREATING BETTER EXPERIENCES FOR PEOPLE AT WORK.
Future State
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Better Business Learning produces resources that assist organizations to develop their change capability. Organizations in over 140 countries utilize our materials, including over one quarter of all Fortune 500 companies. Our flagship product, the 'Change Activation Toolkit' is a highly innovative resource suite that uses animated visuals to empower stakeholders to learn about change concepts in an engaging manner, adopt positive change attitudes and implement change using included tools & templates. It is compatible with all change methodologies.
Better Business Learning
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ExperiencePoint develops simulations for leadership development in the areas of change management and innovation.

Our flagship workshop, ExperienceChange, simulates a year-long change journey in a one-day workshop. Our global community of certified facilitators use ExperienceChange to create awareness, dialogue and engagement around foundational change principles.

Design Thinker, our innovation workshop, challenges teams to flex their creativity to solve a complex design challenge using IDEO’s innovation process. Experience Design Thinker at our post-conference workshop, April 2nd!
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Slalom Consulting brings together business and technology expertise to help companies drive enterprise performance, accelerate innovation, enhance the customer experience, and increase employee productivity. The firm delivers award-winning solutions in areas such as organizational effectiveness through a national network of local offices. Founded in 2001, Slalom has organically grown to more than 2,200 consultants. The company has been ranked as a Top 10 Best Firms to Work For by Consulting magazine four times.
Slalom Consulting
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Engaging stakeholders is important; aligning your company’s vision to change projects is vital; measuring benefits and producing reports is essential. You know it and so do we - that is why we created TPTribe – Transforming Projects™. Endorsed by the UK’s Cabinet Office, TPTribe is used by Government and Private Sector organizations for both small team and large organisational change management projects. is your solution to managing your change program, anywhere, anytime on any device.
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Change Guides help organizations get people ready, willing and able to work in new ways. Our principles and tools are used by thousands of organizations around the world. We offer products and services, including a Change Management Certification, that helps people apply best practices in change management. Our partners have authored two top selling books, The Change Management Pocket Guide and The Eight Constants of Change. Change Guides – we are Guiding Organizations through Change.
Change Guides LLC
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Denison Consulting helps organizations to improve business performance by focusing on culture and leadership development — an approach that is rooted in over 25 years of research. Based on the Denison Model, our solutions enable organizations to address critical business challenges. At our core is a set of diagnostic surveys that are designed to help organizations align culture and leadership, diagnose specific areas of strength and weakness, and build accountability into the development process.
Denison Consulting
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We think focus matters. We do change full-time. Of the companies that specialize in change management, we have the largest team of full-time employees that do only change work. And we focus on human behavior -- the number one reason organizational initiatives fail. We harness your company’s people to make sure your change succeeds. Our specialty is programs that impact more than 350 employees, have a $1M+ impact, and require momentum within 180 days.
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jTask, Inc. is a California corporation based in Silicon Valley. jTask Consulting™ and jTask Pulse™ provide solutions to organizational change management issues like Stakeholder Engagement, End-User Adoption, Position-to-Role Mapping, Training Design and Training Development for our customers installing or upgrading ERP applications to operate their businesses. All jTask consultants have practical experience of ERP installations and upgrades. jTask supports standards developed by the ACMP and PMI. We encourage all our staff to become qualified.
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Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) is a leading provider of change management consulting, education solutions, reliability consulting, engineering services, and applied technology solutions. The Life Cycle Institute, the learning, leadership and change management practice at LCE, integrates the sciences of learning and change management to help organizations produce results through behavior change. The Institute combines LCE's wealth of thought leadership experience and process improvement expertise with Prosci’s proven approach for managing the people side of change.
Life Cycle Engineering
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Resilience Alliance offers tools and services to help organizations build their capacity for change. In addition to training internal and external practitioners to use the Personal Resilience Profile, Team Resilience Profile, and Personal Resilience Instructor Kit, we offer consulting, workshops, and coaching focused on personal, team, and organizational resilience; balancing change demand and capacity; change leadership; change practitioner skills; and methodology development. Founder and author Dr. Linda Hoopes is also available for speaking engagements.
Resilience Alliance
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Accenture Talent & Organization helps organizations put in place distinctive and integrated organizational change programs, talent initiatives and HR capabilities to drive improved performance. We help our clients:

  • Manage complex change journeys, while creating a change-capable organization that can more readily adapt to evolving needs and opportunities.
  • Plan for the right talent in the right places and in the right numbers to execute strategy.
  • Manage a multi-disciplinary and diverse workforce with more effective HR capabilities.
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Brighton Leadership Group helps organizations use change in a whole new way. Some companies resist change, others embrace change but winning companies use change as a competitive advantage. Whether you recognize the need to become change ready or wish to use change to fuel your winning edge, Brighton Leadership Group will help you get results.
Brighton Leadership Group helps leaders build strong, sustainable organizations to accelerate growth, innovation and profitability.
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Business Process Incubator is the online resource for all things related to process. Free membership provides access to BPM, Change Management, Process Improvement, Lean and Six Sigma resources. Whether your challenge is to assess your organization's readiness-to-change, prepare to participate in a process related project or obtain process modeling tools, BPI has the solutions.
Business Process Incubator

LaMarsh Global provides change management consulting, learning, certification and executive coaching services using our Managed Change™ methodology. This data driven process helps project teams, change agents and project sponsors navigate through complex changes by systematically:

  • identifying people who must change,
  • identifying potential reasons they might resist the change and,
  • developing action plans to minimize/eliminate resistance.

Our proprietary approach works to mitigate risk associated with resistance and facilitate acceptance of change more rapidly.
LaMarsh Global
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