Kerry Brown, evangelist and thought leader, helps companies achieve organizational competency with SAP to create value while becoming a best-run company. An international speaker on change management, learning, social and collaboration, she interacts with diverse global occupational cultures and industries, including many Fortune customers. Previously she has worked directly for Coca Cola Enterprises, Baker Hughes and CSR. For her thoughts on the evolution/revolution of learning and change see

Monday, March 31 10:45am - 11:30am
Design Thinking = Working with People in Mind

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation used to discover opportunities, inspire potential and create successful solutions that meet human needs, add business value, and are technically feasible. It is an insight-based method to engage via workshops at various levels in an organization.
In this interactive session, try it out! And discover ‘how might we…?’ use synthesis and divergent thinking and experience combining empathy and solutioning in a way that engages and broadens the change possibilities.

Learning Objectives

  • Experience Design Thinking Live!
  • Explore combining empathy & creativity for context & insights to build solutions
  • Learn examples of how/where Design Thinking has successfully supported change
  • Have fun! Spark creativity! Rethink how to solve problems!

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