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Getting to meaningful, holistic change comes down to shifting behavior, and that means winning hearts and minds so that behavior naturally follows. Change Activation is a holistic approach to aligning, engaging, and embedding change; Visual Thinking helps you
get there.

ALIGNMENT —You’ve envisioned it, now get others to SEE the change, too. Visual Thinking creates a shared visual vocabulary for understanding and discussing not only the change, but also the reasons for it.

ENGAGEMENT — Once you’ve established a common visual language, the next challenge is to leverage alignment to help others SEE how they fit into the change. Visual Thinking uses co-creation and empathy-based tools to help ensure you engage your audience meaningfully.

LEARNING — Visual Thinking blossoms in the learning department. Abandon outdated, inflexible methods. Use visual tools to not only make the change stick, but to make the ability to adapt to change part of your culture.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

Who Should Attend: This workshop is intended for not only change management professionals, but any business executive who wants to learn how visual thinking can accelerate user understanding and adoption of change.
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