In today's global economy, innovation is as essential as it is difficult. Organizational cultures capable of "inventing the future" are rare, but the emerging discipline of design thinking - honed by the celebrated innovation consultancy IDEO - provides people with the tools and techniques to think differently, see new opportunities, and create innovative solutions with impact, and change-friendly implementation by experimentation.

Mastering design thinking requires practice. ExperiencePoint's award-winning Design Thinker workshop is an expert-guided innovation experience that explores, in a hands-on way, the fundamentals of IDEO's approach. Design Thinker is in use by hundreds of organizations around the world to build innovation confidence and competence. Please join us at ACMP 2014 for an engaging post-conference experience.

What you can expect in the workshop
Four months in four hours. In Design Thinker, people work in teams to tackle a realistic innovation project. By stepping through the Design Thinking Innovation Process and stripping away the superfluous, the simulation delivers the essentials of a four-month innovation journey in a four-hour workshop.

Screw up royally, no one gets hurt. Because design thinking isn't like traditional problem solving, it's natural for people to trip up early and often. Design Thinker offers the right amount of safety - immediate feedback for learning purposes, without real jobs or company resources at stake.

Focus on what matters. With an expert leading competing teams through the process, design thinking techniques are introduced and explored as needed. Questions are addressed in the moment. And points are allocated to focus attention on key, counter-intuitive innovation concepts and behaviors.
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